This One's For All Michael's Children

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"This One's For All Michael's Children"

(take a moment to think of his Song, "LOST CHILDREN", when saying the title)

We want to show the world just how amazing Michael really was by his contributions to his approximately 139 Childrens' Charities. Michael loved all his "LOST CHILDREN meaning those children with Leukemia, Cancer, Burn Victims as well as the lost and forgotten inner city children and their families.


As We "Ease On Down The Road"; We may even have donation drives specifically catering to Michael's Charities. specifically to his Childrens' Charities. 


Your relevant pictures and videos are most welcome. This site will ONLY show the positive side of Michael in his true LOVING GENTLENESS.


Michael opened his doors to NEVERLAND, just for that purpose, to allow his "LOST AND FORGOTTEN INNER CITY CHILDREN AND THOSE TERMINALLY ILL CHILDREN a safe, fun environment to enjoy themselves for a day.




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