This One's For All Michael's Children

What are we all about?


Well, that's a good question.

We are here to show the world who Michael was, is and will, ALWAYS, be to us, his TRUE and LOYAL FANS, the epitome of a true Humanitarian.

Granted there have been many celebrities before him who have donated millions of dollars to well meaning causes and charities. Michael, in our opinion, differs from the others as he never gave money to obtain any gratitude. His was completely selfless and came from the bottom of his heart.  For example, if Michael was touring a particular country, he made sure that he visited local orphanages and hospitals to visit the ill and terminally ill children. He brought them gifts only to see a smile on their faces.

Michael's heart and his selflessness was so large that the children he visited healed a lot faster. Michael's spiritual energy was so positive and pure that you could not help just feeling better when he was around. People have said it many times, Michael's presence was truly amazing. 

In 1988, Michael purchased "NEVERLAND". his first home in Santa Barbara, California. It is approximately 5000 acres and he was very proud of his home throughout most of his time there, save for the last year, 2005, obviously.

Michael felt he had to do something for inner city children and ill patients and their families. So on a regular basis he opened the doors for the bus loads of children to come and have some pure, genuine fun.

This site, though, is NOT about Neverland Ranch; It is about the selfless acts of PURE, INNOCENT LOVE Michael has for children and wanting them to have fun in their lives. We are all aware that Michael never had much of a childhood, if at all, and Neverland was a way for him to re-capture his youth.  

When, in 1984, Michael was burned very badly on the top of his head during the making of a Pepsi commercial, he was taken to a burn center in L.A. where they helped him heal. Whilst there, Michael saw the amount of badly burned adults and children. Michael's settlement with PepsiCo was $1.5million.

Instead of keeping the monies, Michael freely donated it to the Burn Unit, at the Brottman Medical Center where he stayed, which, in turn changed the name of the burn unit to "The Michael Jackson Burn Center".

The example above is what this site is all about, Michael's selfless acts of charity. It's well-known to us, Michael's fans however, now, it's time for the world at large especially those who dislike Michael to know why he is so special to us.

So again, welcome and feel free to post your pics, videos and testimonials so we can keep Michael's POSITIVE LEGACY going for time immemorial.



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